The Digital Delivery Dilemma

June 7, 2018

Over the past five years, electronic ordering has seen its largest boom in modern history.  At a time when the in-person dining experience has seen a severe decline, ordering food using a smartphone or tablet app is at an all-time high now accounting for close to 7% of all food orders.

Along with the advance in technology, this digital transformation has brought about a host of challenges that have nothing to do with the digital aspect.  Restaurants and catering managers are now forced to rethink so many things chief among them creating containers that keep food delivered fresh, crisp, hot or cold and see to it that its timely delivery happens like clockwork.

Traditionally there have been just a couple of ways to enjoying restaurant quality food; the in-restaurant dining experience with a full kitchen and dining room.  Then we were introduced to fast food a la McDonald’s and Wendy’s. The United States took this a step further by integrating more drive-thrus and curbside pick-up.  Now we’re rethinking this model entirely with a vast number of to-go options including Restaurant Delivery Services.  Now restaurants are faced with even more challenges.  What’s the best way to layout our restaurant and how do we efficiently deploy staff?  Do we hire, train and trust our own employees to deliver or outsource to UberEats, Door Dash or one of the likes?  It’s a true dilemma in the face of restaurants everywhere.

In truth, restaurants have been all over the map when it comes to mobile ordering and delivery. Many chains are just beginning to participate. Delivery was historically relegated to pizza and Asian foods, now you can get just about anything! From pancakes to ice cream, sandwiches, BBQ, and tacos – everything imaginable can be delivered straight to your door with just the swipe of an app. The question is will food quality be the same as it would be if you received it in the restaurant?  Will your order be accurate?  And, at what time and for how much will get it?

LunchPro has set out to alleviate some of this stress for pharma reps whose responsibility is to get a quality meal delivered to a medical office on time.  After using the mobile app to easily book an appointment, LunchPro makes it easy to select a restaurant using ratings and reviews, adjust quantities based on headcount and dietary restrictions and receive an affordable meal delivered on time by a restaurant partner you can trust.  While it is entirely the responsibility of the restaurant to execute delivery and set up of the meal, it is the duty and pleasure of LunchPro to communicate with reps and restaurants every step of the way through its Concierge Service.

As the rise of digital ordering platforms continues and the increased use of food ordering apps and delivery services chugs along, LunchPro will continue to lead the way for pharma reps looking for a scheduling and food ordering solution.  We’re making it our mission to change the way you do lunch.

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